Katie was born in Bend, and has lived here most of her life. She grew up snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in the winter months and exploring the Cascade high lakes in the summer.

She has a very positive, high energy personality, and is usually having fun. Around the age of 15 she was introduced to yoga, and made it an important aspect of her snowboard training and her lifestyle. By her early twenty’s, snowboarding had given her many opportunities to travel, compete, and live around the country. However, competitive snowboarding had also left her with four knee surgeries, a shattered wrist, broken ribs, broken teeth, a severely whip-lashed neck, and a double-digit number of concussions. All the while it became increasingly clear, that practicing yoga was a huge factor in keeping her body as healthy as possible.

While living in Bend, Colorado, and on the road, Katie was able to practice and learn from a variety of teachers and styles. As the injuries continued to accumulate, a yoga practice became irreplaceable to Katie’s lifestyle and well being. At 25, she signed up for a 200 HR teacher training at The Yoga Lab.

Her time spent with Rebecca, Ulla, and Aleta during teacher training completely rejuvenated and realigned her views on yoga, and her personal practice. Being introduced to the Yoga Sutras with Tara Mala White during teacher training and workshops expanded and deepened her practice again. This revealed how yoga can holistically heal and strengthen both the body, mind and spirit.

In February 2015 Katie moved to Geelong, Australia, where she experienced some fresh perspectives on Vinyasa, Hatha, and Ghatastha Yoga. She also had the opportunity to practice and teach at a studio owned by Linda Newman. Linda inspired Katie in so many ways with breath and movement in a very traditional manor. Spring of 2016, Katie moved back to Bend and is very excited to spread her love of yoga and her passion for healing! She has a natural gift with people and animals, and an unconditional love for everything around her.

Katie teaches All Levels Vinyasa on Thursdays at 6:00PM and Fridays at 4:30PM.


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