200 Hour Teacher Training


The 2019 200-HR Embody Yoga Teacher Training is made up of three week-long modules:

Tues September 17 – Tues September 24
Tues October 15 – Tues October 22
Tues November 5 – Tues November 12

Hours: Tuesdays (9/17, 10/15, 11/5) 5pm-8pm,
Then Wednesdays – Tuesdays 9AM – 5PM

Location: The Blissful Heart, 45 NW Greeley Ave in Downtown Bend, Oregon.

Prerequisites: 2 years of regular yoga practice (at least 3 practices per week is what we consider a “regular” yoga practice – at home or in studio). If you have been practicing for less then 2 years, we require you to attend The Yoga Lab 3 times per week for 2 months prior to the start date of the Teacher Training.

Lead Trainer: Aleta Adams, E-RYT 200, RN, YACEP (~90 HRS). Co-Trainers: Rebecca Bell, RTY 200 (~40 HRS), Ulla Lundgren E-RYT-500, YACEP (~10 HRS) Guest Teachers: Lainie Devina RYT 500, Nicole Baumann RYT 500, YACEP


Techniques, Training & Practice (~80 Hours)

Foundation & General Form of Level 1 Postures
Next Level Alignment of the postures of Sun Salutations and Standing Postures
3 Hours Each Day of Led Group Yoga Practice (with chanting, mudra, asana and meditation)
Foundation & General Form of Level 2 Postures
Next Level Alignment of the postures of Backbending Postures, Hand Balancing Postures, Seated Postures and Inversions
Yogic Breathing Practices

Anatomy and Movement (~18 Hours)

Anatomy & Movement: Joints, connective tissue and joint movement at the major joints of the body.
Bandha in Posture and Breathing. Drawn from the traditional teachings of yoga posture and breathing techniques, the Bandha support alignment of our spine through postures. We we examine the anatomy and function of the Bandha in practice.
Anatomy & Movement: The three types of muscle contractions.
Key Muscles: Muscle groups moving bones, lengthening and stabilizing joints.
Location & Palpation: Key muscles and muscle groups.
Subtle Body Anatomy Intro: Chakra and Life Force (Prana)
Observation Skills & Seeing Bodies: Applying theoretic knowledge of anatomy and movement to yoga postures and transitions.

Philosophy Lifestyle & Ethics (~20 Hours)

Foundations Mindfulness & Meditation
Bhagavad Gita: Stories, theory and application
Yoga Philosophy: The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali including Sutra I – 15 in the first Pada (chapter), Eight Limbs of Yoga in the second Pada, daily sutra chanting
Ethics of Teaching Yoga as explored through the Yama & the Niyama of the Yoga Sutra

Teaching Methodology (~32 Hours)

How/when to use props and modifications in postures
Finding your voice/speaking from your roots
Sequencing for All Levels Yoga Flow & Yoga Classes
Effective verbal cues
Peer teaching with one partner and in groups
Sequencing up to a Peak Pose: Creating 60-90 minute weekly classes
Teaching Level 2 postures within an All Levels Flow class
Principles of Flow Yoga: Rhythm, Cadence and Breath
Intro to Teaching Restorative Yoga
Modifying for & teaching pre & post natal yoga within your class
Teaching yoga to elderly students
The Business of Teaching Yoga: self-promotion, collaboration, support of peers & community
Choosing Music to Support the Practice
Verbal and Hands on Adjustments
Effective Demonstration Skills
Additional peer teaching, preparing and teaching a co-taught class to the whole group

Additional Hours + Practicum 50 Hours
Additional hours will include homework assignments, reading and quizzes, final exam.
Practicum will include creating sequences and practice teaching with groups, analyzing classes that you attend, writing reports with your findings.

*Participants must film a 1 hour class to demonstrate competency before they are eligible to register with The Yoga Alliance.*


$540 deposit reserves your spot in the training.
EARLY BIRD Total of $2400 due by July 31, 2019. After July 31 $2700.


Please pay your remaining balance ($1860 before July 31, 2010/$2160 after Aug 1, 2018) after you have paid the deposit.
Upon receipt of your $540 deposit, we will email you further details regarding the training. $540 deposit is non-refundable.


If you withdraw from the program before your start date all but $540 of your payment will be refunded. If you withdraw from the program after the start date we will calculate the cost of the portion of the training that you completed and subtract that from your refund amount in addition to the deposit. The Yoga Lab has the right to cancel any training 2 weeks prior to the start date if attendance is low and if this occurs you will be refunded in full. We have not had to cancel a teacher training so far!