The Journey of Integration: Yoga Sutra and Asana with Bhavani Maki

International Yoga teacher and author, Bhavani Maki, attended her first Yoga class at the age of nine, and began her exploration of Patañjali’s Aṣtānga Yoga in 1987. She founded Aṣtānga Yoga Kaua’i and began teaching in 1995, Yoga Hanalei in 1999, and training Yoga teachers in 2003. Bhavani has made seven trips to India to study with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, as well as having the rare opportunity of hosting him twice on her home island of Kaua’i. She received her teacher training and authorization from Aṣtānga Yoga Masters Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, South India, and Baba Hari Dass of Hardwar, North India. She studied Saṃṣkrta in Mysore, South India with Professor Narayanachaya, and regards Rama Jyoti Vernon as integral in her understanding of the Patañjali Yoga Sūtra, and the weaving of metaphysical teachings with the practices of Yoga, that she continues to share with her students to this day.

Née Silvia Kazazis, Bhāvani was raised quadrilingual in the milieu of the University of Chicago, from a multicultural European background, and has traveled extensively from a young age. Bhavani interweaves the insights she has gathered into a holistic exploration of the microcosmic and macrocosmic self. Dedicated to exploring Yoga in its complete expression, her teachings are steeped in the traditions of Patañjali’s classical eight-limbed Yoga, with an emphasis on integrity of alignment and the use of Yoga as therapy.

Often described as a teacher’s teacher, Bhavani offers unique insights into discovering greater joy and freedom. She specializes in addressing the individual’s specific needs to develop a practice appropriate to their challenges, physical injuries, and desire for personal growth and transformation. Bhavani believes that that engaging in all the aspects of Yoga is a means of compressed evolution. that uplifts, connects, and accesses the inner source of joy.

Since 1993, Bhavani has resided on the island of Kaua’i with her husband Ray and son Nikola, on their organic permaculture farm. She offers workshops, intensives, and annual teacher training programs on her family permaculture farm at her studio, Kaua’i Yoga Shala, as well as Yoga workshops on the US mainland and Europe.

Restorative Yoga for the Psychonaut
Friday January 17th
FEE: $50

Much like an astronaut, the psycho-naut ventures into the wide unknown of their own consciousness! Yogik posture is the seat from which Yoga begins and is meant to be practiced along with the study of metaphysical texts. Combining longer holds in deep hip openers with philosophy, we will continue to explore the ultimate text for Yogi—the Yoga Sutra. We will conclude the session with an exploration of Pranayama

Suryanamaskara C: Moving Meditation on the Joy Within

Saturday January 18th
FEE: $50

Standing and balancing postures linked with Vinyasa cultivate a stable foundation in our ability to set clear roots and provide a firm grounded basis for the wellspring of Joy. The unpredictability of Surya Namaskara C keeps the experience fun, and helps us connect to a feeling of lightness in our heart’s center

Yoga Sutra: Yogik Initiation and Rites of Passage

Saturday January 18th
FEE: $40

The Yoga Sutra offer key insights into how to galvanize our efforts into breakthrough experiences. Commonly described as obstacles, the antaraya are in fact rites of passage and initiation into Self-actualisation. Join Bhavani as we unpack the perennial teachings that reframe our experiences into moments of transformation and psycho-spiritual growth

Clearing the Heart and Unloading the Shoulders

Sunday January 19th
FEE: $50

A somatic investigation of the Patanjali Yoga Sutra’s teachings on living life from the inside out, and the work of finding enough freedom within to enjoy and experience life to its fullest. An inquiry into how to integrate the least stabile joint of the body to open the seat of Buddhi, wisdom in the heart center.
Exploration of the anatomy chain of the arm and shoulder along with therapeutic application of the postures.

Samadhi:The Journey of Integration

Sunday January 19th
FEE: $40

We all excel in certain aspects of our being, but our growth is lopsided until we develop ourselves as a whole. Patanjali describes the many strata of Samadhi as integration to cultivate horizontal growth and ascend to our fullest potential. We will begin with a short experiential exploration of basic postures and conclude with a visualized meditation based on the Sutra.

January 2020
Friday 17th-Sunday 19th

Join Bhavani Maki for the whole weekend of asana, pranayama, mediation and exploring the teachings of the Yoga Sutra to create a more whole and balanced yoga practice.

FEE: Early Bird Pricing before December 15th $180
After December 15th $200