Nicole Williams began her interest in mind body awareness training while studying zazen meditation in Japan in 1988. She went on to get a BA in Dance and Movement Therapy at Evergreen State College in 1992, working in the hospital system doing movement therapy with Alzheimer’s and elderly population, followed by a culturally mindful experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali, W.Africa.

When she returned, back to mind/body teaching, Nicole completed her teacher training in 1998. Her influences moved towards how to cultivate a balanced approach to yoga as medicine and using props to influence the body’s innate healing potential. Nicole is known for inspiring the lives of her students with a passion for inquiring into individual needs for rehabilitation, recovery and centering ourselves through simple breath awareness dialogue.

She stays active in her yoga studies primarily interested in the scientific approaches of alignment, threading guided breath work to influence the inner brightness felt from restorative yoga. She remains a devoted student of Pema Chodron.

Restorative Yoga features intriguing sequences based on mobilizing and strengthening joints, ligaments and deep fascial networks with emphasis on increasing range & release of motion with the support of using sandbags to tangibly assist the releasing process. Other props for supporting used are: bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts synchronized with guided breath work. This is a safe and effective practice to resolve holding patterns and feel less restriction in your body. Suitable for those living with chronic health conditions or prefer to go deeper into their practice.

Nicole teaches Restorative Yoga on Mondays at 1:30PM.