We create a safe, supportive environment for you to find your unique voice and gift as a yoga teacher. The Yoga Lab trainings emphasize Vinyasa Flow Yoga with attention to detailed postural alignment for a well-informed and healing practice. The vinyasa practices are complemented by Hatha & Restorative techniques. The Yoga Lab is a Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance and trainings may be are taught by Ulla Lundgren (E-RYT 500), and Aleta Adams (E-RYT 200), and guest teachers from The Yoga Lab. Do you already have your RYT 200? We offer a discounted rate for the 200 HR training for those who have previously completed a 200-HR training. Email for details.


Much gratitude to Ulla, Rebecca and Aleta. These seasoned teachers shared so much knowledge, and experienced in a fun, safe learning environment for all of us to embark on the journey to becoming stellar yoga instructors.


I thought the teacher training did an excellent job of educating us about yoga from both the tantric and classical yoga philosophical perspectives. I also really appreciated the respect shown for the Ashtanga lineage. The anatomy and bio-mechanics portions of the course were very well presented and invaluable to our understanding of how those systems impact our students. The weekend and intensive format worked really well for me, having a full-time job outside of the yoga community.



Ulla, Rebecca, and Aleta are truly inspiring women. The teacher training at The Yoga Lab in Bend, OR was a period of intense personal growth for me that I would recommend to anyone who wants to deepen their practice & share yoga with others.


Loved it so much. Very inspiring teachers. Can’t wait to do 500 hr.


They are remarkably experienced and knowledgeable teachers.


“Atha yoga anushasanam… Now begins the practice of yoga.” ~ YOGA SUTRAS

200 HR TEACHER TRAINING: Vinyasa & Hatha Flow Yoga


This foundation program systematically deepens your experience and understanding of the philosophical roots and diverse practices of the yoga tradition. All aspects of yoga are taught as a physical and spiritual discipline. You will develop skills to help you teach a yoga class with the three areas of pranayama (classical breathing practices), meditation and asana (postures). Through the interactive nature of the program you build a supportive network, learning from one another as well as from our experienced teachers.

We require that applicants have 2 years of regular yoga practice under their belts to join our program OR the applicant must commit to start practicing a minimum of 3 times per week at The Yoga Lab starting two months before the start date of the teacher training. Our teacher training is for practitioners of all ages and abilities and includes unlimited yoga classes at The Yoga Lab for the duration of the program.

The Yoga Lab’s 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is offered 2 different formats. Intensive format consists of 3 seven day modules over the span of 3 months. Weekend format consists of 12 weekends over the course of 7 months. Our teacher training meets the Yoga Alliance’s 200-hour teacher training requirements. Upon completion of training at home assignments and certification requirements, the apprentice can apply to become a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.


  • Attunement to intention/sankalpa
  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy & Mythology
  • Foundation & General Form of Level 1 Asana/ poses that are recommended to teach your students within their first year of learning
  • Biomechanics & alignment principles
  • Foundations of pranayama and meditation
  • The three main schools of yoga philosophy (overview)
  • Mantra
  • Bandhas in asana
  • How/when to use props and modifications in asana
  • Finding your voice/speaking from your roots
  • Accessing authentic strengths
  • Yogic Anatomy
  • Three Margas/paths of Yoga, Karma, Jnana & Bhakti
  • Overview of non-dual Shaiva/Shakta Schools of Yoga/Teachings
  • Level 2 Asana
  • Sequencing for All Levels
  • Intro to teaching with themes
  • Effective verbal cues
  • Peer teaching with one partner and in groups


  • Deepening studentship / dedication to intention, personal practice, and self-reflection
  • Yoga Sutras: 4 Padas & 8 Limbs of Yoga
  • The Kleshas from a Tantric perspective
  • Intermediate biomechanics in asana & refined alignment awareness
  • Creating 60-90 minute weekly classes
  • Principles of Vinyasa such as rhythm, cadence, breath, bandhas and drishti
  • Intro to teaching restorative yoga
  • Modifying for & teaching pre & post natal yoga within your class
  • Teaching yoga to elderly students
  • The business of teaching yoga, self-promotion, collaboration, support of peers, and participating in community.
  • Choosing music, when and why
  • Deepening practice of mantra, meditation & pranayama
  • Verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Observation skills within the flow of the class
  • Effective demonstration skills.
  • Bhagavad Gita
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher
  • Weaving themes into your teaching, enhancing alignment instructions with themes
  • Yoga therapeutics (intro)
  • Subtle body anatomy, chakras, kundalini-shakti, nadis, prana
  • Level 3 yoga poses (intro)
  • Yogic anatomy part 2
  • Additional peer teaching. Preparing and teaching a co-taught class to the whole group.

INTENSIVE FORMAT The 2020 200-HR Teacher Training is made up of three week-long intensives starting September 29, 2020 with option for Online Live Streaming Program or Hybrid Online/In Person in Bend, OR. The emphasis for this training is on Vinyasa Yoga, Alignment-Based Hatha Flow Yoga and the Classical Yoga teachings of the technology of transformation as taught through The Yoga Sutra.
2021 Module Dates and Hours will be announced soon!


$400 deposit reserves your spot in the training.


Total of $2100 due by December 15, 2020. After December 15 $2400 (due by Jan 19, 2021).

Have you previously completed a 200 Hour Teacher Training? We offer a discounted rate to those who already qualify as an RYT 200 through the YA. If you have already taken a 200 HR TT save 50% off the late fee ($2900). Email for more info.


Download .Doc application HERE. Download PDF Application HERE. Submit your application by email, mail or drop off at the front desk of The Yoga Lab. Submit your deposit by mailing a check to:The Yoga Lab 550 SW Industrial Way Ste 170 Bend, OR 97702.

Upon receipt of your $400 deposit and application, we will email you further details regarding the training and payment plan. $400 deposit is non-refundable.


If you withdraw from the program before your start date all but $400 of your payment will be refunded. If you withdraw from the program after the start date we will calculate the cost of the portion of the training that you completed and subtract that from your refund amount in addition to the deposit. The Yoga Lab has the right to cancel any training 2 weeks prior to the start date if attendance is low and if this occurs you will be refunded in full. We have not had to cancel a teacher training so far!



The Yoga Lab, in collaboration with RYS-300 Abundant Grace Yoga, LLC presents “Sanctuary of Learning ~ A 300-Hour Continuing Education Yoga Teacher Training for RYT-200 to become RYT-500.”   The aim of this training is to enrich, expand, and help refine your knowledge and skill as a yoga teacher. Our starting platform is to honor and respect what you already know, and at the same time, encourage you to try different ways of approaching your teaching. Think of it as acquiring more tools in your already fabulous yoga instructors toolbox.   Join us for a supportive exploration. Stretch your boundaries and explore more possibilities in your teaching! The training spans 14-16 months, depending on which elective weekends you choose.

Any Yoga Alliance Approved 200HR Teacher Training OR 2 years of more of teaching experience (3 classes per week) in addition to documented formal studentship. The only way to become an RYT 500 is by completing a 200 HR and a 300 HR Yoga Alliance approved training.


  • Yoga Philosophy Weekend with Christopher Hareesh Wallis PhD Professional Scholar of Sanskrit and Indian Religions
  • Conceptual Anatomy and Yoga Therapy Weekend with Loren Mahaffey BS, LMT, E-RYT 200
  • The Path of Kirtan Weekend with Shantala(Benjy & Heather Wertheimer)
  • Asana Intensive Weekend with Sianna Sherman E-RYT 500
  • 135 hours with Primary E-RYT 500 Ulla Lundgren (see description below)
    • The main focus of this section of the training is on refining teaching skills. This will be explored in both, peer-teaching exercises in pairs and groups, and teaching theory discussions. A sample of topics: Practicing enhancing the teachers sequencing skills and ability to breakdown poses into easily “digestible” components.
  • Heighten self-awareness of “ineffective teaching habits” and improve the RYT-200’s communication skills and cuing abilities.
  • Help the teachers gain clarity, and increased skill, in teaching alignment and biomechanics.
  • Teacher trainees will improve their observation skills and learn how to address what they see, as they are seeing it, with in the flow of a class.
  • Gain knowledge of how to incorporate a specific alignment focus/action, and weave that alignment focus/action into an entire Hatha or Vinyasa class.
  • Clarifying and strengthening the skill of the RYT-200’s in teaching inversions safely, progressively, and for them to learn creative sequencing into inversions for both vinyasa and hatha classes.
  • Learn how to sequence asana classes exploring precision of alignment and action in specific areas of the body like, feet and ankles, knee stabilization by preventing hyper extension, and creating balanced joint space, hips and lower back health, optimal neck alignment in asana and ways to release neck strain.
  • Fine tune verbal and hands-on adjustment skills.
  • How to be clearer, and more concise, in effective demonstration skills.

This training will also strengthen your commitment to self nurturing, care, and love by focusing on your own asana practice: A colleague of Ulla’s who travels extensively as a yoga teacher around the globe reports that the most common concern yoga teachers around the world have, is their struggle to carve out time for their own practice of asana, meditation, pranayama, and yoga philosophy study. We will create safe space to explore more possibilities in your asana practice, inviting you to do so with a sense of humor, willingness to fall on your face, and at the same time practice with respect for current limitations in your body.   The additional time of this 135-hour section will cover topics such as:

  • Enhance your classes with themes, metaphor, and yogic stories.
  • Iconography & Mythology of Indian Deities.
  • Inner/subtle body awareness in asana and meditation.
  • Intermediate/active restoratives and prop use.
  • Meditation and pranayama practice and different ways to incorporate these practices into your weekly classes.

You also will be required to observe and assist in some classes with the Primary E-RYT or other RYS-300 staff.   ELECTIVE WEEKENDS ~ 75 HOURS:   Teachers/students will choose five of seven available elective weekends:

  • January 29-31, 2016: Teaching Vinyasa with Music (live/DJ/recorded) with Rebecca Bell RYT-200
  • February 12-14, 2016: Teaching and Practicing Restorative Yoga with Nicole Williams CYT
  • February 26-28, 2016: Ayurveda Intensive Weekend 1 (required for attending Ayurveda Intensive Weekend 2) with Carin Cundey CECP, AHE, CA, LMT
  • October 7-9, 2016: Vinyasa Asana and Pranayama Intensive with Rebecca Bell RYT 200
  • January 13-15, 2017: Teaching Vinyasa to Special Populations with Aleta Adams RN, E-RYT 200
  • January 27-29, 2017: Ayurveda Intensive Weekend 2 (Weekend 1 is a prerequisite) with Carin Cundey CECP, AHE, CA, LMT
  • February 17-19, 2017: Teaching Yoga with Themes/Metaphor with Ulla Lundgren E-RYT 500

Dates and Hours for our next 300 Hour Training TBD.

Check back regularly for the next training schedule or contact Ticari at to be notified when dates are confirmed!